July 8th 2012 Sunshine hooray

What a glorious day, well most of it, the odd dark cloud did appear but for the most part it was sunshine all the way. Another busy day today. Within a quarter of a mile of setting off we came to our first lock of the day at Radford.  Then onto the three Fosse locks. Although double locks we didn’t have another boat with us. Once through we quickly came to the five Bascote locks two of which are in a staircase formation. Leaving the staircase lock we new it wouldn’t be long before we came to the 2 Itchington locks quickly followed by the 8 Stockton locks. As we reached the first of the Itchington locks we were joined by NB Samuel Fletcher who would stay with us through these ten locks and also through the final 3 locks of the day at Calcutt. Once through Calcutt locks we said our farewells as they would be going into their marina at Napton junction whilst we would be turning left and heading for Braunston. We moored for the night about two miles outside Braunston in lovely countryside. Whilst travelling today we had a call from our youngest son Ben to say that he and his girlfriend Claire had completed the London 10k run which they did for the Macmillan charity.  Well done guys. Donations can be made at      www.justgiving.com/claireAndBen88

Today 11 miles       23 locks

entering a lock

view from our mooring this evening





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