July 7th 2012 The Hatton Flight

No rain this morning when we set off.  It was a short trip to the top of Hatton Flight, where we stopped and filled the water tank and dumped some rubbish. Then it was time to get going. As we pulled into the lock another boat appeared in view and as these are double locks we waited. It was NB Surveyor, a hire boat with a really nice family on board who were over on holiday from Florida. So we set off through the 21 locks. After a little over 3 hours we reached the bottom lock and said our farewells to our locking companions. Then we moored for a much needed lunch. After lunch we set off through two more locks and on through Warwick and Leamington Spa, only stopping briefly at a large Tesco store to take on provisions. We have moored for the night just through Leamington Spa and about half a mile from the first of what will be another busy lock day tomorrow.


Today 7 miles    23 locks


The first of 21 locks

NB Surveryor leaves the lock with her crew closing the lock

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