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This is the blog of Norwyn & Sheila aboard their narrowboat Shell Bell.

The Great Asian and Med adventure

Well its been awhile since my last blog but i plan to use the Shellbell site for our 5 week cruise on P&O Adonia, we fly to Singapore on Monday 24th March then we will cruise back on Adonia so i will update with our adventure when i can get onto the internet.

December 31st 2012


Sept 17th Shell Bell is up for sale

We were heading for Mercia in our last blog. well we made it safe and sound. Now for the sad news, we have put Shell Bell up for sale, we have a lot of family commitments and we won’t be able to get on board as much as we would like so that makes it an expensive luxury. It is sad but the economics just don’t work. Shell Bell has been great for us a reliable boat that has never let us down, we did have her altered and I think she is a much better boat for it.

Sep 3rd 2012 Long days but sunshine all the way

We have had a couple of long days as we make our way back to Mercia Marina. The weather has been great, no rain and wall to wall sunshine. There hasn’t been any real dramas on the way, in fact it has been rather quiet. Last night we moored at Gailey and today we have moored at Rugeley and Sheila made a quick visit to the shops to top up our supplies. We will probably put in another long day again tomorrow.

Sept 1st 2012 25 locks

Well September has started well, what a glorious sunny day. We set of this morning with the intention of getting through the 15 locks at Audlum the 5 locks at Adderley and the 5 locks at Tyrley and we have managed to complete the twenty five locks and have moored at Shebdon. Whilst doing the Audlum flight we spotted NB Lady Arwen moored just after lock 13 so we had a quick hello with Clive and Mel. We haven’t seen them since we locked down the Wigan flight with them back in April. When we went up the Tyrley locks we never met another boat coming down but sods law just after the locks and in the narrows we met four boats. We have eaten out at the pub this evening (Wharfe Inn Shebdon)it was really good.

August 31st 2012 Farewell to Ben and Claire

With no 3 signal yesterday we were unable to blog, but we did get back to Wrenbury and we all went to the Cotton Arms for a nice evening meal and a couple of pints. This morning after breakfast we said farewell to Ben and Claire as they headed off back to Surrey. We set off in lovely weather and it didn’t seem long before we were at the top of the Hurleston flight. There was a three boat queue so we took the opportunity to take on water and empty the loo tank. Once through the locks we were back on the Shropshire Union canal and we made good headway and have moored at the picnic site at Coole Pilote.

Ben and Claire on lock duty yesterday

August 29th 2012 We made it across the Poncysyllte

Captain Norwyn thought it would be a good idea to begin travelling early, so we left Whixall Moss at around 7.30 am. Our two new crew members remained in bed for about an hour of the journey. We only had two locks to do today so we planned to go over the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct, turn round and moor up near a pub for our evening meal.
However, when we arrived at New Marton locks there was a queue and we were fourteenth in line!!!!!!
There was nothing else to do but sit it out so we had lunch. Ben and Claire took the opportunity to get some fishing in. After about two hours it was our turn. There was no queue at the next lock so we were soon through and heading for the aquaduct. The journey involved a few tunnels and small aquaducts before the big one. As it was getting late we decided to moor up and go over on Wednesday. Unfortunately this was not to be because the pub was closed so we had to continue. It was very impressive, Ben and Claire enjoyed the experience and we had a lovely meal in the Telford.


Again we made an early start but it was raining hard and the return journey over the aquaduct was not as pleasant. However, after an hour or so it cleared out and we made good time. We called at Tesco in Ellesmere and stocked up. We finally moored up at Whixall Moss again (because it is good for fishing) at 4.30. A much less hectic day and good weather despite the odd downpour.

Ben on the Pontcysylte

Claire another fine catch

August 27th 2012 Ben and Claire arrive onboard

This morning we picked up Ben and Claire at Wrenbury. on their arrival we all had a late breakfast in the Cotton Arms before setting off. Well the weather could have been better but it was as the weather men predicted – wet and windy. It was like this most of the day.We are on a tight schedule to get the Ben and Claire over the Pontcysylite aqueduct and back to Wrenbury by Thursday night so we cruised for most of the day,and have moored just outside Ellesmere. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.

Claire helping at the locks !!!

August 26th 2012 The Llangollen

Today we turned onto the Llangollen canal, we joined the the two boat queue at Hurleston junction to go up the four locks at the start of the canal. The first lock is quite narrow and boaters are advised to raise there fenders. A boat coming down did get jammed with the bows up and the stern down Luckily for him Sheila who was helping lock him down spotted the danger and swiftly turned the lock, refilling it to get him afloat and the second attempt to lock him down was succesful. The rest of the day was drama free as we made our way through the locks at Swanley and Baddiley. We are moored about 1 mile outside Wrenbury where we will pick up Ben and Claire tomorrow morning.

The locks at Hurleston

August 25th 2012 Hurleston Junction

To be honest we haven’t done much the last couple days. We did get to Nantwich yesterday and mooring was not a problem. We shopped in Nanwich this morning before setting off for Hurleston Junction after lunch After stopping for deisel we made Hurleston junction around 14:30. We walked up the Llangollen canal for about two miles then returned to the boat and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing. The weather turned nasty after 19:00 with strong winds and heavy rain. Tomorrow we turn up the Llangollen canal.

Early morning on the canal